• The SABA Philly Board

In Solidarity

June 7, 2020

Dear SABA Philly Community:

Yesterday in Philadelphia, helicopters whirled overhead as thousands of protestors gathered on the Ben Franklin Parkway. The recent killing of black Minneapolis resident George Floyd at the hands of the police has sparked hurt, fear, and outrage across the nation and in our city. But in a country where racial equality remains far outside our grasp, Floyd’s death is, sadly, part of a long-standing pattern of violence. SABA Philadelphia stands with our Black brothers and sisters in calling for swift justice in this circumstance. As South Asians and as lawyers, we commit ourselves to the principles of equal protection and equal justice under the law. We dream of a society unburdened by centuries of racism and discrimination—and we commit ourselves to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies to fight for it.

At this moment, we ask our members to consider immediate support for the following causes:

We express our solidarity with all who are in pain, and all who are fighting for a future when racial equality is real—a future that affirms that Black Lives Matter.